Lanterns add warmth and intimacy to your home. Bring light to your home with stylish lanterns and candle holders. Thanks to its elegant styles, it is ideally suited to art deco, loft, industrial, vintage, modern or classic interiors.


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Artelore - Algar L lucerna

Algar L lucerna

CZK 11.800
Artelore - Algar M lucerna

Algar M lucerna

CZK 10.600
Artelore - Algar S lucerna

Algar S lucerna

CZK 6.100
Artelore - Conil L lucerna

Conil L lucerna

CZK 15.900
Artelore - Conil S lucerna

Conil S lucerna

CZK 11.400
Artelore - Eddie Hanger lucerna

Eddie Hanger lucerna

CZK 3.200
Artelore - Erik L lucerna

Erik L lucerna

CZK 14.900
Artelore - Erik S lucerna

Erik S lucerna

CZK 8.300
Artelore - Ions L lucerna

Ions L lucerna

CZK 9.500
Artelore - Ions M lucerna

Ions M lucerna

CZK 7.200
Artelore - Ions S lucerna

Ions S lucerna

CZK 6.400
Artelore - Jerez L lucerna

Jerez L lucerna

CZK 12.600
Artelore - Jerez S lucerna

Jerez S lucerna

CZK 7.400
Artelore - Karl S lucerna

Karl S lucerna

CZK 8.800
Artelore - Lavani L lucerna

Lavani L lucerna

CZK 2.000
Artelore - Lavani M lucerna

Lavani M lucerna

CZK 1.600
Artelore - Lavani S lucerna

Lavani S lucerna

CZK 1.100
Artelore - Linus S lucerna

Linus S lucerna

CZK 9.600
Artelore - Magnus Brass L lucerna

Magnus Brass L lucerna

CZK 10.600
Artelore - Magnus Nickel L lucerna

Magnus Nickel L lucerna

CZK 10.600
Artelore - Magnus Nickel S lucerna

Magnus Nickel S lucerna

CZK 8.500
Artelore - Medina L lucerna

Medina L lucerna

CZK 13.300
Artelore - Medina M lucerna

Medina M lucerna

CZK 12.200
Artelore - Medina S lucerna

Medina S lucerna

CZK 8.900
Artelore - Naim L lucerna

Naim L lucerna

CZK 14.500
Artelore - Naim S lucerna

Naim S lucerna

CZK 8.100
Artelore - Naseen L lucerna

Naseen L lucerna

CZK 10.300
Artelore - Naseen M lucerna

Naseen M lucerna

CZK 5.900
Artelore - Naseen S lucerna

Naseen S lucerna

CZK 3.800
Artelore - Nautilus L lucerna

Nautilus L lucerna

CZK 9.600
Artelore - Nautilus S lucerna

Nautilus S lucerna

CZK 7.700
Artelore - Noah L lucerna

Noah L lucerna

CZK 6.900
Artelore - Noah S lucerna

Noah S lucerna

CZK 4.200
Artelore - Olvera L lucerna

Olvera L lucerna

CZK 14.900
Artelore - Olvera S lucerna

Olvera S lucerna

CZK 11.000
Artelore - Ronda L lucerna

Ronda L lucerna

CZK 14.700
Artelore - Ronda S lucerna

Ronda S lucerna

CZK 7.100
Artelore - Saphire L lucerna

Saphire L lucerna

CZK 7.400
Artelore - Saphire S lucerna

Saphire S lucerna

CZK 4.600
Artelore - Tarifa L lucerna

Tarifa L lucerna

CZK 9.800
Artelore - Tarifa M lucerna

Tarifa M lucerna

CZK 7.400
Artelore - Tarifa S lucerna

Tarifa S lucerna

CZK 5.000