Chandeliers are a special jewel of our home, which add elegance and intimacy to your everyday life. The right chandelier is an eye-catching focal point and will transform your room.Thanks to their unique style, they perfectly fit to antique, art deco, rustic, modern and classic interiors.


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Artelore - Allie Golden L csillár

Allie Golden L lustr

CZK 72.700
Artelore - Allie Golden S csillár

Allie Golden S lustr

CZK 35.600
Artelore - Allie Nickel L csillár

Allie Nickel L lustr

CZK 69.700
Artelore - Allie Nickel S csillár

Allie Nickel S lustr

CZK 34.200
Artelore - Asmara csillár

Asmara lustr

CZK 27.600
Artelore - Aveiro Golden csillár

Aveiro Golden lustr

CZK 41.700
Artelore - Aveiro Nickel csillár

Aveiro Nickel lustr

CZK 40.300
Artelore - Bijon Brass csillár

Bijon Brass lustr

CZK 22.300
Artelore - Bijon Nickel csillár

Bijon Nickel lustr

CZK 22.200
Artelore - Black Izaro csillár

Black Izaro lustr

CZK 17.700
Artelore - Bounty Brass csillár

Bounty Brass lustr

CZK 27.400
Artelore - Bounty Chrome csillár

Bounty Chrome lustr

CZK 24.800
Artelore - Chaplin csillár

Chaplin lustr

CZK 76.900
Artelore - Curtis csillár

Curtis lustr

CZK 55.600
Artelore - Driver Golden csillár

Driver Golden lustr

CZK 35.000
Artelore - Driver Nickel csillár

Driver Nickel lustr

CZK 32.800
Artelore - Ebba csillár

Ebba lustr

CZK 32.900
Artelore - Elvas csillár

Elvas lustr

CZK 31.400
Artelore - Funchal Black L csillár

Funchal Black L lustr

CZK 42.800
Artelore - Funchal Black S csillár

Funchal Black S lustr

CZK 27.600
Artelore - Funchal Nickel L csillár

Funchal Nickel L lustr

CZK 41.000
Artelore - Funchal Nickel S csillár

Funchal Nickel S lustr

CZK 25.700
Artelore - Garfield Golden csillár

Garfield Golden lustr

CZK 76.900
Artelore - Garfield Nickel csillár

Garfield Nickel lustr

CZK 76.900
Artelore - Halmstad L csillár

Halmstad L lustr

CZK 41.100
Artelore - Halmstad M csillár

Halmstad M lustr

CZK 29.100
Artelore - Horta csillár

Horta lustr

CZK 94.000
Artelore - Irina csillár

Irina lustr

CZK 26.400
Artelore - Libia csillár

Libia lustr

CZK 21.500
Artelore - Lund L csillár

Lund L lustr

CZK 34.500
Artelore - Lund S csillár

Lund S lustr

CZK 22.100
Artelore - Madagascar csillár

Madagascar lustr

CZK 16.600
Artelore - Maltese csillár

Maltese lustr

CZK 19.700
Artelore - Maltese Golden csillár

Maltese Golden lustr

CZK 19.700
Artelore - Maradi csillár

Maradi lustr

CZK 29.900
Artelore - Mars csillár

Mars lustr

CZK 18.800
Artelore - Mars Golden csillár

Mars Golden lustr

CZK 18.800
Artelore - Mayflower L csillár

Mayflower L lustr

CZK 68.000
Artelore - Mayflower S csillár

Mayflower S lustr

CZK 55.100
Artelore - Mehari 100 csillár

Mehari 100 lustr

CZK 68.400
Artelore - Mehari 60 csillár

Mehari 60 lustr

CZK 44.400
Artelore - Nigeria csillár

Nigeria lustr

CZK 21.700
Artelore - Saba csillár

Saba lustr

CZK 20.000
Artelore - Silves Black L csillár

Silves Black L lustr

CZK 39.600
Artelore - Silves Black S csillár

Silves Black S lustr

CZK 27.600
Artelore - Silves Nickel L csillár

Silves Nickel L lustr

CZK 38.200
Artelore - Silves Nickel P csillár

Silves Nickel P lustr

CZK 26.300
Artelore - Solveig csillár

Solveig lustr

CZK 28.200