A good sofa is comfortable, impressive and practical. You can choose from a variety of shapes, colors and materials to make your home unique. Thanks to the elegant style of the sofas, they are ideally suited to classic and modern interiors.


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Artelore - 2 Seats Ecru Turner sedačka

2 Seats Ecru Turner sedačka

CZK 45.500
Artelore - 3 Seats Black Turner sedačka

3 Seats Black Turner sedačka

CZK 75.600
Artelore - 3 Seats Ecru Cosmo sedačka

3 Seats Ecru Cosmo sedačka

CZK 66.600
Artelore - 3 Seats Ecru Turner sedačka

3 Seats Ecru Turner sedačka

CZK 71.800
Artelore - Armentia Black sedačka

Armentia Black sedačka

CZK 87.100
Artelore - Atelier Three-seat sedačka

Atelier Three-seat sedačka

CZK 106.100
Artelore - Black Bloomsbury sedačka

Black Bloomsbury sedačka

CZK 92.500
Artelore - Black Capitone Three-seat sedačka

Black Capitone Three-seat...

CZK 68.300
Artelore - Blue Miller sedačka

Blue Miller sedačka

CZK 57.700
Artelore - Brens Ecru sedačka

Brens Ecru sedačka

CZK 30.400
Artelore - Brushed Oak Chateau Chaise Longue sedačka

Brushed Oak Chateau Chaise...

CZK 70.500
Artelore - Brushed Oak Chateau sedačka

Brushed Oak Chateau sedačka

CZK 75.100
Artelore - Burton 2 Seats Black sedačka

Burton 2 Seats Black sedačka

CZK 51.700
Artelore - Burton 2 Seats Ecru sedačka

Burton 2 Seats Ecru sedačka

CZK 49.500
Artelore - Circus Dark Blue sedačka

Circus Dark Blue sedačka

CZK 102.500
Artelore - Dark Blue Capitone Three seat sedačka

Dark Blue Capitone Three...

CZK 68.300
Artelore - Davis Black sedačka

Davis Black sedačka

CZK 70.900
Artelore - Davis Leather sedačka

Davis Leather sedačka

CZK 155.500
Artelore - Dilan Three seat Black sedačka

Dilan Three seat Black sedačka

CZK 60.400
Artelore - Ecru Ariadne sedačka

Ecru Ariadne sedačka

CZK 41.800
Artelore - Ecru Armentia sedačka

Ecru Armentia sedačka

CZK 81.000
Artelore - Ecru Bloomsbury sedačka

Ecru Bloomsbury sedačka

CZK 87.700
Artelore - Ecru Capitone Three seat sedačka

Ecru Capitone Three seat...

CZK 67.200
Artelore - Ecru Davis sedačka

Ecru Davis sedačka

CZK 68.100
Artelore - Ecru Living Room Jenkins sedačka

Ecru Living Room Jenkins...

CZK 44.800
Artelore - Eos Black sedačka

Eos Black sedačka

CZK 55.600
Artelore - Eos Ecru sedačka

Eos Ecru sedačka

CZK 53.000
Artelore - Evans Ecru sedačka

Evans Ecru sedačka

CZK 46.900
Artelore - Evans Ecru Tobacco Leather sedačka

Evans Ecru Tobacco Leather...

CZK 126.300
Artelore - Filippo sedačka

Filippo sedačka

CZK 269.600
Artelore - Gibson Black sedačka

Gibson Black sedačka

CZK 108.500
Artelore - Gibson Dark Blue sedačka

Gibson Dark Blue sedačka

CZK 108.500
Artelore - Gibson Grey sedačka

Gibson Grey sedačka

CZK 108.500
Artelore - Gibson Red sedačka

Gibson Red sedačka

CZK 108.500
Artelore - Glacier Dark Blue sedačka

Glacier Dark Blue sedačka

CZK 86.300
Artelore - Glacier Red sedačka

Glacier Red sedačka

CZK 86.300
Artelore - Grey Bloomsbury sedačka

Grey Bloomsbury sedačka

CZK 151.400
Artelore - Houndstooth Dorian sedačka

Houndstooth Dorian sedačka

CZK 84.800
Artelore - Jenkins Black sedačka

Jenkins Black sedačka

CZK 35.300
Artelore - Jenkins Ecru sedačka

Jenkins Ecru sedačka

CZK 33.300
Artelore - Jenkins Microfiber sedačka

Jenkins Microfiber sedačka

CZK 32.600
Artelore - Klose Ecru sedačka

Klose Ecru sedačka

CZK 39.600
Artelore - Leather Bloomsbury sedačka

Leather Bloomsbury sedačka

CZK 227.200
Artelore - Leather Moore sedačka

Leather Moore sedačka

CZK 185.000
Artelore - Light Green Dorian sedačka

Light Green Dorian sedačka

CZK 80.200
Artelore - Moore Ecru sedačka

Moore Ecru sedačka

CZK 77.800
Artelore - New Brens Black sedačka

New Brens Black sedačka

CZK 32.800
Artelore - New Brens Ecru sedačka

New Brens Ecru sedačka

CZK 31.700