Bar stools

New classic upholstered barstools with classic design elements fit well into a loft-style modern bar or American-style of interiors. Thanks to its elegant shapes, they can be completed to vintage, art deco, classic and modern interiors.

Bar stools

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Artelore - Aitana Alexa barová židle

Aitana Alexa barová židle

CZK 26.000
Artelore - Alexa Black barová židle

Alexa Black barová židle

CZK 18.000
Artelore - Alexa Ecru barová židle

Alexa Ecru barová židle

CZK 17.100
Artelore - Angers barová židle

Angers barová židle

CZK 11.200
Artelore - Black Brens barová židle

Black Brens barová židle

CZK 18.100
Artelore - Black Trocadero barová židle

Black Trocadero barová židle

CZK 18.400
Artelore - Brens Leather Bar Chair

Brens Leather Bar Chair

CZK 30.500
Artelore - Brens Zinc Bar barová židle

Brens Zinc Bar barová židle

CZK 26.300
Artelore - Dark Blue Trocadero barová židle

Dark Blue Trocadero barová...

CZK 18.400
Artelore - Ecru Brens barová židle

Ecru Brens barová židle

CZK 18.000
Artelore - Green Aquamarine Brens barová židle

Green Aquamarine Brens...

CZK 27.500
Richmond Interiors - Barová židle Daisy

Barová židle Daisy

CZK 11.200
Richmond Interiors - Barová židle Day

Barová židle Day

CZK 10.700
Richmond Interiors - Barová židle Georgia

Barová židle Georgia

CZK 8.300